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Radon Gas in Water Mitigation and Measurement

Rural buildings serviced by private or community wells may have elevated indoor Radon Gas concentrations from groundwater that could have potentially high levels of Radon Gas concentrations.

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Measuring Radon Gas in water is relatively simple and should be completed in conjunction with indoor atmospheric radon gas testing if your building is serviced from a private or community well. Radon Gas Expert provides groundwater Radon Gas testing services directly or easy to use do-it-yourself kits with comprehensive instructions provided.

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Specific system maintenance and disposal considerations are appropriate when groundwater systems are designed to avoid bacterial water contamination or improper disposal of radioactive waste. Radon Gas Expert is happy to design and provide on-going service support to avoid these potential issues.

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remediate radon Gas levels

Remediation for groundwater Radon Gas contamination is completed at the point of entry either through Aeration systems or filtered through Granular Activated Charcoal systems. Point of use treatment methods attached to individual household taps are seldom recommended due to the limited impact they have on total household water used per day (typically 70-250 gallons per household).

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The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified Radon Gas as a Group 1 carcinogen along with tobacco smoke and asbestos. It's important to get your home and business tested to keep those you care about safe. Book a free assessment below for more information.

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