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Radon gas can be very harmful to those in your home and business. We have a wide variety of services to combat the effects of radon gas and eliminate it from your space.


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Radon Gas measurement

Measuring the levels of radon gas in all spaces.

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Radon Gas

Reducing radon gas to levels as low as reasonably achievable far below Health Canada's action threshold

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Radon Gas Resistant New Construction

Managing radon gas levels in new homes and buildings.

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Radon Gas In Water Measurement

Reduce radon gas levels in rural areas water systems.

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canadian harriet brooks of exeter ontario

Canada's role in the advancement of radon gas Understanding

Canadian Harriet Brooks made important contributions to the field of atomic physics. She discovered that one element could change into another element through radioactive decay. In 1902 she described her calculation as “the first measurement of the half-life of the thorium emanation (radon-220).”

We test homes and businesses for radon Gas in the ground and water supply

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what is radon Gas? and how does it enter your home?

Radon is a radioactive gas found naturally in the environment. It has no colour, no odour and no taste. It is released into the air during the natural breakdown of uranium in rocks and soil. Once released, it can enter the air we breathe in your home and business.

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let our team test your home & business for radon Gas

We are dedicated to making you and your family feel at ease knowing your home and business are free from harmful radon gas. Radon Gas Experts provides fully compliant (C-NRPP # CRT 201342 measurement/ C-NRPP # CRMT 201343 mitigation) Radon Gas Measurement and Mitigation Services for new and existing residential and commercial buildings throughout Southern Ontario

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what our customers have been saying

5 stars all around!  Michael is amazing.  Could not be happier with everything.  He fixed 2 of our houses and did a great job.  Thanks again!
Shai Burstein
Toronto, ON
Michael was amazing from the beginning and was very detailed in his explanation. To retain as much of our existing floorplan/cause little disruption, he went above and beyond on the installation. Within a few hours of the install, our radon measures dropped (from the thousands!) to a 1 in my main floor, a 21 in my basement. I can't begin to explain how much relief the install has brought to me.
Greet Gemels
Markham, ON
When I started investigating radon, I had no idea how pervasive it is in Canada. With a little research, it was clear that radon can have a significant impact on our health. Not only did Michael and Radon Gas Experts educate me on everything I needed to know about radon and how to protect our home against it, he developed a solution that reduced the exposure we have in our home to negligible amounts. He was professional, efficient, and took care of our home as if it was his own.
Sean Evans
Michael was fantastic from start to finish. We initially started working with a different radon remediation company, but their techs couldn't agree on a solution for our very old basement. Michael clearly explained why he recommended the solution that he ended up implementing. He also was very patient with the amount of back-and-forth required with the person leading the excavation.
Private User
Toronto Area
I stumbled across Michael's website when I was looking for the number to call back the orher radon gas company here in Central Ontario country country. I can't tell you how happy we were to have discovered an alternative to Mr. Radon. Not only did we save money going with Radon Gas Expert vs. Mr. Radon but Michael's in depth knowledge and approach to helping us deal with this concerning issue in the least obtrusive put our minds at ease. Give him a chance and you will not be disappointed
Steve W
Haliburton, ON
Michael at Radon Gas Experts is extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful.  He took the time to speak with us explaining the remediation process.  There was no sales pitch or pressure.  When he came to our house, he kept us in the loop with his findings and the best course of action. Our levels are now between 5-10 bq/m3 and we feel safe and comfortable spending as much time as we want in the basement.   I would 100% recommend Michael and his team.
Jen T
Satisfied Customer
Michael is an extremely knowledgeable and an time-efficient professional.  We feel very comfortable with the result of his recommendation and the subsequent installation.  We have seen significant decrease in our Radon numbers as we continue to monitor our Airthings Radon Detector.  Thank you, Michael!
Private User
Satisfied Customer
We are very pleased with the professionalism and knowledge of our installer (Michael) . The step by step process was explained and expectations clearly outlined to us.
We are very pleased with work done and as a result the piece of mind we have now in knowing that our radon levels are well below acceptable levels.
Thank you Radan Gas Experts!
Private User
Kingsville, ON

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The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified Radon Gas as a Group 1 carcinogen along with tobacco smoke and asbestos. It's important to get your home and business tested to keep those you care about safe. Book a free assessment below for more information.

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