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Don’t ignore it! Radon gas can be very harmful to those in your home and business. We have a wide variety of services to combat the effects of radon gas and eliminate it from your space.

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Does My Home Require Radon Mitigation?

In Ontario, 1 in 4 homes has dangerous levels of radon concentration. Don’t take chances on your family's health, get started today.

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Test Your Home

Find out the radon level of your home using a test kit.

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If your home is above the Canadian guideline of 200 Bq/m³, Health Canada recommends that you take immediate action to lower the Radon level.

No matter how high your radon levels are, you can be confident that our team of mitigation specialists will be able to reduce levels effectively and affordably.


Our Services

The effectiveness of a radon-reduction method will depend upon the unique characteristics of your home, the level of radon, and how it is getting into your house. Book a free consultation to find out which service is right for you.

Radon Gas measurement

Measuring the levels of radon gas in all spaces.

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Radon Gas

Reducing radon gas to levels as low as reasonably achievable far below Health Canada's action threshold

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Radon Gas Resistant New Construction

Managing radon gas levels in new homes and buildings.

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Radon Gas In Water Measurement

Reduce radon gas levels in rural areas water systems.

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Why Should You Be Concerned About Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas found naturally in the environment and the second leading cause of lung cancer. It has no colour, no odour and no taste. It is released into the air during the natural breakdown of uranium in rocks and soil. Once released, it can enter the air we breathe in your home and business. Don’t wait - give us a call or book your free consultation now. 

We test homes and businesses for radon Gas in the ground and water supply

canadian harriet brooks of exeter ontario

Canada's role in the advancement of radon gas Understanding

Canadian Harriet Brooks made important contributions to the field of atomic physics. She discovered that one element could change into another element through radioactive decay. In 1902 she described her calculation as “the first measurement of the half-life of the thorium emanation (radon-220).”

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Our Latest Reviews

The pretest completed showed high Radon gas which I confirmed with an Airwaves monitor. After the installation the radon numbers decreased to a negligible amount. The job was completed in the discussed amount of time.
"I had a Radon gas remediation system installed by Michael Martin in 2020. All my dealings with Michael were professional. All meetings scheduled were on time.

Thomas Quibell

Satisfied Customer

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mike any time. Not only did he do an amazing job at reducing the Radon levels, he never tried to oversell us on anything and was an real expert in his field."

Neil Cawse

Satisfied Customer

5 stars all around!  Michael is amazing.  Could not be happier with everything.  He fixed 2 of our houses and did a great job.  Thanks again!

Shai Burstein

Satisfied Customer

We had a sky-high rating over 1000bq/m3.  Michael from Radon Gas Experts came well recommended from a friend.  He ended up saving us a lot of money and we have reduced levels by over 95%.

Kevin Archibald

Satisfied Customer

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The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified Radon Gas as a Group 1 carcinogen along with tobacco smoke and asbestos. It's important to get your home and business tested to keep those you care about safe. Book a free assessment below for more information.

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